Terms & Conditions

Introductions and Definitions

  1. Client: person that is requesting/booking/receiving the lesson
  2. These Terms and Conditions (“the Terms”) sets out the relationship between JulianRudall.com (“the Teacher”; “We”; “Us”; “Our”) and the person (“the Client”) using the website (“You”; “Your”) for booking lessons and general use.
  1. Drum Lessons
    1.1 Changes to agreed lesson times are permitted under the following conditions:
    a. More than 24 hours notice = No cost, your lesson will rearranged for another date/time
    b. Less than 24 hour notice = Exceptional circumstances will be taken into consideration. Otherwise, the full cost of lesson due will be due and you will not receive a replacement lesson (see 1.5 below).
    1.2 Lessons must end at the agreed time
    If you are late, the lesson cannot usually run beyond the agreed lesson time. Genuine unavoidable lateness (for example: heavy traffic due to road conditions) will always be considered. You must notify the us if you are running late for your lesson
    1.3 You must contact us if you need to re-arrange a lesson
    As long as you contact us with enough notice (see 1.1 above), you can reschedule the agreed lesson slot for another time
    1.4 Missing or forgetting a lesson will incur the full cost of the lesson
    If the client doesn’t show up to an agreed lesson, it is treated as “cancelled with less than 24 hour notice” and the full lesson fee will be due or the lesson will be deducted from the package
    1.5 Cancellation
    If the lesson is cancelled with more than 24 hour notice, then no charge/package deduction is incurred.
    If the lesson is cancelled with less than 24 hour notice, then the full cost of the lesson will be due, or the lesson will be deducted from the package.
  2. Gift Vouchers
    2.1 Gift Vouchers are non-transferrable and can only be redeemed by the named recipient

    The named recipient is deemed to be the purchaser of the voucher, unless agreed otherwise ahead of purchase.
    2.2 Vouchers are valid for the number of lessons displayed on the voucher
    Vouchers are issued for the specified number and duration of drum lessons and this will be clearly displayed on the voucher
    2.3 The voucher must be used before the expiry date shown on the voucher
    The voucher and is usually 12 months from the date of purchase, unless otherwise agreed
    2.4 The voucher has no re-sale value and cannot be sold or exchanged for cash
    The voucher gives the named recipient the specified number of drum lessons and it cannot be re-sold or transferred to a different recipient
    2.5 No-quibble 14-day money back guarantee
    The purchaser of a voucher may cancel their purchase and receive a full refund within 14 days of the order date as long as the complete voucher pack is returned and no vouchers have been used.
  3. Block-Bookings/Packages
    3.1 Lessons booked as a package should be taken no less frequently than one less per month
    Gaps between lessons of more than one month (that have not been agreed in advance) will automatically suspend the package. Suspended packages may be reactivated within 6 months, subject to payment of the reactivation fee. Packages left suspended for longer than 6 months shall be deemed fully expired.
    3.2 Package reactivation
    In the case of a suspended package (a gap between lessons of greater than one month) it may be possible to reactivate the package with payment of a reactivation fee**
    ** Reactivation fee charged at one full 30 minute lesson
    3.3 Lessons may be suspended with prior arrangement
    If you know that you will be unable to attend drum lessons in the package for a specified period of time (for example, holidays or an extended period away) you may make prior arrangements to agree when the lessons will resume. This will mean that you will not incur the reactivation fee for suspended packages.
  4. General Use
    • The content of the pages of this website is for your information and use. It is subject to change without notice.
    • This website contains material which is owned by us. This includes, but is not limited to, the design, appearance, images, audio and video.
    • From time to time, this website may also include links to other websites. These links are provided for your convenience and further information. We have no responsibility for the content of the linked website(s)